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Steve Smith


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September 16, 2016 @ 12:00am

Manitowoc Two Rivers YMCA CEO Steve Smith riding a stationary bike

In this election season, I can guarantee that I am part of the majority.  Nope, not Republican or Democrat.  I am a health seeker!

Health Seeker’s make up 60% of the population.  Maybe you are one as well.  You might not know the label.  You do know the lifestyle.  See if any of this is you:

  • You know that health is important but you don’t quite know where to start
  • You allow different situations to railroad your health plan
  • You will get to that workout tomorrow. Of course you might have said that a day, week or month ago

Are you like me?

Let me tell you about my last health year.  It has been a journey.  A year ago, after a very stressful summer (yes, there is stress around the Y!), I broke a tooth.  As the dentist had his hands in my mouth trying to fix it, he asked if I was grinding my teeth during the day.  Once we established that I snored at night, yes I was grinding my teeth during the day.  Then the end of the summer came.  I had pneumonia and was out of work for two and a half weeks.  I have never been that sick before and never want to be that sick again.  As timing would have it, I was supposed to have a physical about that time and had to postpone it.  By the end of October I was sitting in the doctor’s office as he told me that my blood test had come back and it didn’t look good.  I was pre diabetic.  I had elevated scores on my pancreas.  He was worried.  So worried that I got to do that blood test again a couple of days after Thanksgiving.  Something had to change.  That is where my journey began.

Since the first week of November, I have been exercising regularly. I have lost 25 pounds (although I have been creeping up the last few weeks), and I have been through a massive diet change.  It has been tough.  It has been a process.  It has….

I don’t know the next steps.  I know that I have to keep going.  I have to have goals.  I have to live a healthier lifestyle or something will bring me down.  It has to change.

I want you to know that you are not alone.  We can do this together.  You can join me.  Come cycling with me on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 7:30 AM.  You can go on a walk with me or run on a treadmill next to me.  We are here for you.

Over the next twelve weeks you will see posts on our Facebook page as I work towards running the Turkey Trot.  It will be only my second road run since getting into this health kick.  You can do it to.  Make that healthy choice today.

I know that my life has changed because of the exercise.  Don’t get that news I got.  Be in control.

Health Seekers Unite!

See you at the Y!

Steve Smith, CEO

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