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"To put Christian principles into practice through programs which build healthy spirit mind and body for all."

Spring/Summer Youth Sport Programs

Coed Strength Training (Ages 9-19)

Safe exercise environment for youth to learn to use different pieces of strength equipment.

Speed & Agility Training (Ages 9-19)

Works on youth foot speed, hand speed and overall agility. Differs from strength training because it is more so cardio based.

Rookie Basketball (Ages 4-7)

Introduction to the sport of basketball. Children will learn the basics from passing to dribbling and    shooting. Children will practice the first half of program then play games the last four weeks on Saturday’s.

Intermediate Basketball (Ages 8-12)

Kids in this advanced level class will build upon the basic skills that were learned in the Rookie Class as well as other basketball skills such as pivoting, rebounding, etc. Kids will also play controlled games beginning in week 4 on Saturday’s.

Kindersports (Ages 3-6)

An assortment of sports for children ages 3-6 that is changed weekly. Each week the instructor breaks down the fundamentals of one sport and has participants practice and play games.

Intro Flag Football (Ages 4-7)

Introduction for youth to learn the basic skills of catching, throwing, running, kicking and receiving. Understand the basic rules of football to help them grow toward games. Start at the Y, move to Madison School.

Intermediate Flag Football (Ages 8-10)

Learn common drills and skills of playing flag football. Proper running, catching and basic plays of the game. Start at the Y, move to Madison School.

Advanced Flag Football (Ages 11-13)

Will use real game play to teach football rules, strategies, and skills.

Soccer (Grades 1-5)

This program will teach the very basic fundamentals of soccer.

Kids will be taught basic dribbling, shooting and passing through drills. Held at Madison School

T-Ball (Ages 4-6)

Introduction to the sport of baseball.  Learn the basics from throwing

to catching to hitting and running the bases. Class meets at Madison School.

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